What I Learned About Art From A 4-Year-Old

The other day, we were heading out somewhere special and my son’s 4 year old daughter wanted to look her best.  So, she chose her favorite blue sundress and her bright red rain boots.  I will note that the blue dress did have red flowers on it, so there was definitely some coordination between the two.  My granddaughter exuded the attitude: “I have on my mostest beautiful dress, my wonderful red boots and I am beautiful!”  And, indeed, she was! (Keeping in mind, of course, that I could not possibly be the least bit biased.)


Over the years, I’ve done a lot of custom work.  This takes me into the clients’ homes so that I see a lot of different styles of décor.  Oftentimes, these homes have quite a variety of artwork.  They may have some very realistic pieces, some photos and then they want one of my large abstract pieces.  Early on, I’d walk in sometimes and think, “I don’t see how my work is going to work in this room.  I’ll try it out but if it doesn’t work, I’m not going to push the sale.”  Then we’d work through various pieces and, lo and behold, when the client found their favorite look, it did work!

So, what’s the connection between the sundress/red boots ensemble, the eclectic style  decorating and the coordinated put together look?    Why did my art repeatedly work when, even I couldn’t see the art styles and media meshing?   Love…

I’ve found that when people really and honestly love whatever pieces they are putting on the wall or wearing, it does work together.  This is probably due to similarities in the person’s taste in color, in texture, in some part of the art that may transcend style.  For example, if my granddaughter’s boots had been a dull brown, they might not have worked with the sundress, but then she probably wouldn’t have loved the sundress and wanted to wear that. The clients that had a formal oil painting portrait in their dining room chose Asian style kites for the high ceiling above.  The both exude a classical look.  Each piece is loved.


All this being said, there’s always a lot to say about coordinating or contrasting colors.  But that’s for a future blog…