Custom Work

In addition to original compositions, I do commissioned pieces, also known as custom artwork. These are for art lovers who love my style and my artwork, but are having trouble finding that perfect piece in my existing inventory. The solution is for me to paint a piece that I specifically design with them in mind. Here are a few reasons why clients enjoy the works I create for them.

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    The Piece is Made to Fit Your Location
    Are you having trouble deciding which of my paintings will work best in your location? You could have an oddly-shaped space, or very specific size requirements. When I’m creating custom work for you, I’ll do it with your hanging location in mind, so you’ll know it will be a perfect fit.


    The Artwork is Painted with You in Mind
    One glance at my portfolio and you’ll see that there are a lot of choices that could work in a lot of different settings. When I create custom artwork, I start with your setting and what you’re trying to accomplish. The end result is a painting that’s in my style and perfectly fits you.

    Custom Artwork
    Custom Artwork

    Art That Perfectly Fits Your Decor
    If you’ve spent a lot of time and effort designing a room, then you want artwork that will fit the design. My custom artwork is made to pull in the colors, shapes and feel of the room. It’ll bring the whole room together into a single focal point that grabs attention while enhancing the design elements at the same time. In fact, many people will start with one of my custom pieces, then design the room around it.


    An Original Piece of Art Made Just for You
    Art lovers have been commissioning art for centuries, from the portraiture of the Renaissance to the Modern masters. Along with the enjoyment of the art itself, the owner enjoys the distinction of knowing that the piece was created specifically for them.

    How the Process Works

    We start with photos of the location where you want your painting. If you’re local or I’m in the area, I may even stop by for a visit. This lets me get a feel for the space, the colors, the lighting, and any distinctive themes or design styles.

    After that I understand the space, I focus on what you’re looking for in your piece. If possible, I’ll bring a selection of existing pieces that might work in the space. If you’re located farther afield, don’t worry. I can insert pictures into your photos to digitally “hang” the artwork. These sample pieces let you see how different colors, shapes, and themes will interact with the location, and help me get a better grasp of what you’d like. Sometimes clients might even find their dream piece among those I bring.

    Then it’s time for the painting to be created. I return to my studio and get to work. Truth be told, it’s just as exciting for me as it is for you, and I can’t wait to see how everything comes together to create your piece.

    Custom Artwork

    Want to find out more?

    Dolly has original artwork, limited edition prints, and does commissioned work for a truly unique piece.

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